You are ready for the start of the Pub Trail in DEMO city. We have selected nice locations and the nicest squares with bars for you.

You play against each other for the most points and the winner can win a nice prize at the finish. Do your best, but most of all have fun.

- Start at the Start location (purple start icon on the map).
- Open and play there the first assignment (Start) in the red list and determine who will be the Game Master.
- The Game Master is the one who has the most points at that moment, see score.
- If the Gamemaster is known after the Start, he chooses the next assignment from the red list. This can be a location (Letters) or a pub assignment (Bierpul) on the map.
- You first open the assignment and then walk to the location (button). The game indicates how far you are from the location.
- Finding the location gives bonus points. Of course you walk together nicely.
- Tip: Use the map and plot a logical route. That is allowed from A to B etc, but also in a different order.
- After the assignment has been carried out, the Game Master chooses a new assignment. And so you continue until the Finish. That is the last location with the prize giving.
- The answers to many outdoor assignments can be found at the locations.
- You can take as long as you want and you can also take a break whenever you want.
- Turn on sound and GPS on your smartphone!

Good luck and have fun!
here are nice tips for the city where you play Pub Trail

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Password Demo: 2525