How nice that you are going to do the Qula Nature Trail!

With this walk your team collects money for the Oasebos Foundation. This foundation protects the rainforest.

Your route is indicated on the route map below. Start at the green flag and walk to the various hiking points. You will receive questions at the 'Walking points'. For every question you answer, we buy rainforest via Oasebos. Even if the question is answered incorrectly.

You just walk from Walking point A to B, C etc. You first click open the Walking point you are going to. Then you can turn on the search function and start looking for this hiking point. You can see the number of meters if it has ended well.

The Route on the map shows where you are and how to walk. When you arrive at the Wandelpunt you will see and hear this in the app. You can then answer the question. Then you open the next Hiking Point again and so on. Until the Finish. Of course you can always stop earlier or take a shorter route.

You can also take a break along the way, choose a nice spot and press Pause. You will then receive additional information about the area itself.

Have fun and good luck!
Oasebos Foundation buys pieces of jungle in Costa Rica to protect them sustainably.

Thanks to the support of donors, the Oasebos Foundation has been able to purchase and protect the already 200 hectares of jungle.

By walking you help the Oasebos Foundation with the purchase of a new piece of jungle.

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